The Reasons Why We Love Watch Star Wars Rebels

Watch Star Wars Rebels seem to be an old gold entertainment production for the viewers. This is one of the amazing series that manage to be on the top most of the time. Star wars rebels took place after its fourteen years of successful launch.

Watch Star Wars Rebels

About Watch Star Wars Rebels

Fourteen years after the fall of Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order in Star WarsEpisode III – Revenge of the sith and the ride of the Galactic Empire. The rebels get together on a starship called Ghost for a covert operation against Imperial garrison on and around the Lothal planet.

It is overall a fun to watch star wars rebels, as you can explore a new universe with some significant stories. People do have an internet in the series due to the ultimate fiction and engagement of a different universe.

Most importantly, this is something out of the universe and people can have a larger canvas of imagination. Although it is a fiction series there are many scientific rules and theories are explored by the series on TV.

Cast and characters in star wars rebels

The leading series have a leading star cast that always comes with the best expression s an impression on the audience. It always loves to see them performing and amusing the audience with the ultimate acting. Most importantly even actor simply compliments the character and justify the scene demand.

Watch Star Wars Rebels online

Most of the fans, do know the actors by characters not by their original identities just because of their affiliation with the series.

  1. Taylor Grey as Ezra Bridger
  2. Vanessa Marshall as Hera Syndulla
  3. Freddie Prinze, Jr as Kanan Jarrus
  4. Tiya Sircar as Sabine Wren
  5. Dave Filoni as Shopper
  6. Steven Blum as Grazed “Zeb” Orrelios

Release and Broadcast

Watch Star war rebels episodes were released in five phases that comes at first as a short of 4 episodes that were first aired on August 11, 2014, till September 1, 2014, worldwide through Disney Channels and Family channel in Canada.

It was the first breakthrough and get appreciation by the people largely on the globe. Later first proper season of fifteen episodes was first aired on October 3, 2014, and last aired on March 2, 2015. It also went viral on the globe and Disney channels aired it globally in every state with the major rights.

Next in the line was season tow that comes with 22 episodes first aired on June 20, 2015, and last aired on March 30, 2016. The seasons followed by the third season after a short break and came in September 24th, 2016 that was last aired on March 25, 2017.

Keeping in consideration of the viewer’s excitement the fourth season came on October 16, 2017, that was last aired on March 5th, 2018. All the seasons and episodes were broadcasted by the Disney media group worldwide with the major broadcast rights and people loved it.

Home releases

Star war rebels are not just about the broadcast, every season comes with the home releases after getting aired on TV. The franchise considered the importance of getting around for the viewers to get them the best and promising entertainment.

In many regions of the world, the DVD and Blue-ray releases were made by the franchises to facilitate the viewers. All the releases were made right after the broadcast end on television. Till then three complete seasons are available on DVD and Blue-ray in different regions.

Now you can enjoy the star wars on your television and on your home theatre system anytime by getting your own personalized home released DVD or Blu-ray that will give you another experience of satisfaction and entertainment of your own.

Watch star wars rebels online

Conventionally you were known to the TV and home releases of the star wars series. Now, it is the time of internet where you have all the facilities available online. So, why not start wars? Yes, you do have the start wards available online at your internet facility where you can simply get the best quality series available to you by a few clicks. You are not required to even pay for them all you need is to get the good link for that.

 Star Wars Rebels watch online

Many of the portals available online offer you the ultimate series available to watch online or to download them for free as well. You need to get registered and sometimes not on the sites and simply watch out for the series as per your ease. You can locate the star wars rebels season four online at many sites. All you have to make sure that you will pick up the right link at right time and get the things sorted easily.

Many of the online portals offer you all the insights of the star wars rebels so you can just subscribe to the portal and you will be getting all the updates of the season and much more form them. This does not just include the releases and seasons but other interviews, story leaks and much more. So, to justify your craze and craving for the star war rebels you can have the best and ultimate resources available online there.

You can never hit the popularity

When it comes to the popularity of the start ward rebels then you can never hit to that. The series is very much popular all over the globe among people due to the sequence and story. All the star war lovers are always intended to explore what is happening next and this is quite evident from its broadcast and online demand.

People who are unable to watch it through TV will definitely like to get it online. And many of the platforms are providing the show online through links and many other sources. So, everyone can enjoy the fun and have ultimate entertainment.

Commercial franchises

Star wars rebel is not just a TV show or series but, it is a brand that is now commercial. People love to get real with fiction stories especially kids. This is the most amazing thing that attracts them as a whole. At most of the costume parties, they intended to be one of the star war characters and behave like one.

This is one of the amazing things they believe in. and the franchises that offer the ultimate costumes are earring from them. You can get the star war gadgets and much other stuff from the costume easily and it is simply a fun. This helps you to explore more fun and adventure as well.

In addition to that, many other brands do have collaborations with the franchise to sell their products to the targeted audience. You can have shirts, eatables and many other products that are themed or inspired by the star war theme.

This is how it works in the commercial market and the people love it. As they can get real with their fictional characters and stories and will have such things in their life for real.

Ratings and critics

Star wars always get the best ratings to form the viewers and form the critics it has managed to score satisfaction most of the times. The critics love the series and justify the efforts of the directors and the actors at large to ensure that they will be appreciated well enough. The reviews for all the seasons were averagely good enough to be taken as best.

Awards and prizes

Star Wars have been nominated for numerous awards in critic’s choice, teen choice and much more. It has won a few of them but the nominations have been on a number of platforms.

Although most of the times serious were unable to make it comes through the winning spot it and gave the toughest competition to many other productions and series at large that needed to be considered. Following are the major awards the series was nominated for:

  • 2014 BTVA Awards
  • 42nd Annie Awards
  • 5th Critics’ Choice Television Awards
  • 2015 Teen Choice Awards
  • 44th Annie Awards
  • Writers Guild of America Awards 2016
  • 43rd Saturn Awards
  • 69th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards
  • 2016 BTVA Awards
  • 44th Saturn Awards

Comics and video games

The popularity of the star war rebels is not just around the series, franchises and home releases. It is much more than that. You can get the amazing video games and comic books for the theme featuring the stars into it at large.

This gives a real kick to the kids and al the star wars lovers to have the best of their interest. This is not just for a limited audience but for the globe and the people love them. You can have Android games featured on star wars and get more of stuff with the help of in-app purchases.

You can also get many of the related games just like Angry Birds Star Wars II, Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens and many others. This makes things more exciting and you will get the ultimate fun for sure.

Get all your love about Star Wars Rebels

If you love to watch Star Wars Rebels you can live your love to the maximum extent. Out there you have all the options to watch and play our favourite characters and in fact, live like them.

You can have all the video games, game sets, costumes, home releases and much more that will get you near to what you love. All you have to invest in right and get your love growing to the series all the time.

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