How to Add An Admin to a Facebook Page

How to add an admin to a  Facebook page is easy, no limit to the number of people who have role admins to your Facebook fan page or Business page. Facebook is one of the biggest online marketing platforms to promote the new products or our own online business. Facebook page which is you created default administrator setting you can’t change, instead of that you can give someone a role is easy under a minute. Follow below step by step instructions may help your questing   How to Add An Admin to a Facebook Page.

How to add an admin to a Facebook page

Assign a New Page Role to Someone

Before assigning a new page role to someone you have an email id of the person and should associate with the Facebook account of the person. You can assign a role Based on his work profile. Here is complete information about Facebook admin roles can do.

Manage Admin Roles
Edit the Page and add Apps
Create Posts as the Page
Respond to and Delete Comments
Send Messages as the Comments
Create Ads
View Insights

Adding an admin to the Facebook page

The easy and standard way to add an admin to Facebook page is to go to your Facebook page and click the settings button it can present at the top right corner of your page. In that setting area, you can find lot’s options you have to select the Page roles option is shown in the below screenshot, the page roles will open.

How to Add An Admin to a Facebook Page



In that Area will show you two sections those are 1.Assign a New Page Role 2. Existing Page Roles based on your requirement now select the first one, and enter a name or Email id of the person and hit the add, then select a role based on what kind of work you allotted to him, the complete information regarding admin roles is given in above table.

Assign a New Page Role

You can change a role like Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, Analyst, and Live contributor any time based on any time in Existing Page Roles section. Now you understand How to Add An Admin to a Facebook Page

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