Blogger vs WordPress : Best Blogging Options 2018

Blogger vs WordPress is always a very good topic to discuss if your a looking for blogging as a career. If you said yes this discussion might be very interesting for you. There is many online blogging platforms were available but Two major blogging platforms were competing each.

Blogger vs WordPress: Best Blogging Options 2018

While choosing your blogging platform you must overview some certain things which will help you to choose the best as per your requirement

Blogger vs WordPressWho will have ownership?

Google Blogger:  Blogger providing the free and reliable blogging services and having enough features to publish your data online. The sad thing is that Google has a full control over on your blog and have a right to delete your blog including data any time without prior notice. It has happened in many cases if you have a good quality content it may never happen.

Bloggers completely own your site and have fully controlled access to the content; you can use your preregistered name as domain name like

WordPress: Instead of this WordPress is an open source software, which is providing you thousands of plugin and you can easily be customized them as per your requirement. WordPress is a complete solution for the website design and portfolio management for your own business.

On the other hand, word press is giving you the complete ownership of your own content management and you are responsible for backup of content, spam management and protection. On WordPress, you need to register your own domain name which cost around $13 per year.

How does it look like?

In Google, blogger Design your blog is very easy by using built-in tools and also provide you default themes and temples will provide you bunch of options to edit layouts, colours and design. The only drawback is you do have limited resources. You are a beginner blogger is a very best choice to start.

On WordPress thousand of free premium themes and plugins are available for your own design and functions. If you are looking for a professional business blog for making money WordPress will provide you with all one solution.

 SEO Options: Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger platform is very good for beginners and wants to start a personal simple blog moreover blogger is google product so it will give major advantages in SEO and search engine rankings. Usually, blogger URL, not user-friendly but google comes with custom domain option with SSL.

The basic WordPress installation was not SEO friendly however many plugins were available to make WordPress SEO. Here is also WordPress rocks with lots of plugins will be made your blog most SEO friendly. WordPress friendly with latest SEO techniques like ” star ratings and Rich snippets” in  Search results.

Task portability:

If you are moving your site from Bloggers to any other platform there a risk involved in it like you will lose you SEO, subscribers and followers during the transferring process, your data will remain on your Google domain for a long time even after the export of the content.

By using word press you have the facilitation to move your site anywhere, you can change your site host, domain name or you can move your site to any other content management system. As well as word press is also offering many other SEO advantages.

Which one is secure?

For the security purpose, blogger has an advantage because it has a backup of Google robust secure platform so your blog security and backup creation or server security is not an issue for you.

WordPress is also a secure platform because it has the self-hosting solution so you are responsible for the content security and backup of your data. You can also utilize multiple of WordPress plugins for security and regular backups for you.

Support: Blogger vs WordPress

On blogger there is a limited support available, they have basic documentation and support terms you have very limited choices. But on Blogger platform you no need much support you can trust Google.

Word press has a community support system, online documentation, community forums and chat rooms are available from where you can have the experienced word press advisors available for the help. As well as word press has the panel of different companies those are offering the support for the word press.

Monetization of the Your Content

On your blogger platform, your content is monetized with the integration of Adsense into your blog posts. In blogger google will automatically ask you for Monetization when will your Blogspot get eligible.

On word press, you are completely free and independent to run your ads, have complete control over the affiliate links and banners. WordPress is a world best content management system you can be monetized your content as you like if you want to make money online professional why this is the best platform to make your dream come true.

Storage and Future recognition

The users of the bloggers have a free space of 1GB provided by the blogger and your uploads will optimize. All your data will take care of the google accessibility is very fast because  Google servers were very powerful.

If you are using word press it will provide you with the complete access so you need a host and it cost around $4.95 per month approximately. As well as it includes the free space and domain which you have to pay to get more.

Future recognition

The future of the blogger is totally depended upon the Google as we know Google shut down their many other popular services like Google reader, as we did not see any major update in the blogger a very long time. So it totally depends upon the Google because they have the complete right to take it or shut it down

Word press is an open sources platform so the future is not in a hand of an individual or a company. WordPress becoming the world most popular content management system. Multiple businesses around the world are depending on the WordPress so its future is bright.


While having the inside of both Blogger vs WordPress will get an idea about the inn and out of both blogging site, blogger is a platform which will not provide you with the very much customization as per your own design but you can avail the storage and domain services free of cost. If you want to run simple personal blog Blogger is the best option for you.

The WordPress you have to pay for the domain, Hosting and themes in this platform is expensive. Many of top companies using WordPress because of features in it. In this Battle Blogger vs WordPress, the clear winner is WordPress only.

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